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The Antichrist Lives

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Lucifer’s proposal:

Isaiah 14:13–17

13 For you have said in your heart:

I willascend into heaven,

I willexalt my throne above the stars of God;

I willalso sit on the mount of the congregation

On the farthest sides of the north;

14 I willascend above the heights of the clouds,

I willbe like the Most High.’

15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,

To the lowest depths of the Pit.

16 “Those who see you will gaze at you,

And consider you, saying:

‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble,

Who shook kingdoms,

17 Who made the world as a wilderness

And destroyed its cities,

Who did not open the house of his prisoners?’


Ezekiel 28:2–10

2“Son of man, say to the prince of Tyre,  (A “type” of the AntiChrist)

Thus says the Lord God:

“Because your heart is lifted up,

And you say, ‘I am a god, I sit in the seat of gods, In the midst of the seas,’ Yet you are a man, and not a god,

Though you set your heart as the heart of a god

3 (Behold, you are wiser than Daniel!

There is no secret that can be hidden from you!

4 With your wisdom and your understanding

You have gained riches for yourself,

And gathered gold and silver into your treasuries;

5 By your great wisdom in trade you have increased your riches,

And your heart is lifted up because of your riches),”

6 ‘Therefore thus says the Lord God:

“Because you have set your heart as the heart of a god,

7 Behold, therefore, I will bring strangers against you,

The most terrible of the nations;

And they shall draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom,

And defile your splendor.

8 They shall throw you down into the Pit,

And you shall die the death of the slain

In the midst of the seas.

9 “Will you still say before him who slays you, ‘I am a god’?

But you shall be a man, and not a god,

In the hand of him who slays you.

10 You shall die the death of the uncircumcised

By the hand of aliens;

For I have spoken,” says the Lord God.’ ”


36 “Then the king (Antichrist) shall do according to his own will:

he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god,

shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods,

and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished;

for what has been determined shall be done.

  • The events recorded in verses 36–45 will occur during the final seven years of the 70 sevens (9:24).[1]
  • “shall do according to his own will:”
    • Why is this so prophetic? Everyone does what is right in their own eyes today!

Judges 17:6    In those days there was no king in Israel;

everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Judges 21:25    In those days there was no king in Israel;

everyone did what was right in his own eyes.


  • Yet, all the things man believes are “right in his own eyes”can still be EVIL in God’s sight:
    • People rationalize their own sin, but hate the “sins” of others

Judges 3:12 And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord. So the Lordstrengthened Eglon king of Moab against Israel, because they had done evil in the sight of the Lord.

Judges 4:1 When Ehud was dead, the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord.

Judges 10:6 Then the children of Israel againdid evil in the sight of the Lord, and served the Baals and the Ashtoreths, the gods of Syria, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of the people of Ammon, and the gods of the Philistines; and they forsook the Lordand did not serve Him.

Judges 13:1 Again the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord,and the Lorddelivered them into the hand of the Philistines for forty years.



  • The Antichrist will not submit to any rule over himself.
    • Not even the 10 nation European Union that elects him!

Revelation 17:12–13

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kingswho have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast.

13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.


  • The 10 toesof a revived Roman empire in Daniel 2:

Daniel 2:41–45

41 Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay.

42 And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile.

43 As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.

44 And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.

45 Inasmuch as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it broke in pieces the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold—the great God has made known to the king what will come to pass after this. The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure.”


  • He will exalt himself above every god!

2 Thessalonians 2:3–4

3 Let no one deceive you by any means;

for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first,

and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,

4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.



  • He will gain dominion over three corners of human influence for 7 years!
    • 1st3 ½ years:
      • Economic Dominion– an era of great economic boost, investors will make huge windfalls all over the financial world.
        • All will receive a mark of his economic financial system in order to buy or sell anywhere in the world.
      • Politic Dominion– a globalist agenda of utter rule over all nations – bringing political peace as the world has never known.
        • All will be forced to receive a mark of his political party.
      • 2nd3 ½ years:
        • Religious Dominion– all churches, synagogues and mosques will be forced to worship him alone, or be destroyed –
          • all congregants will be forced to receive a mark of their worship.
        • He will blaspheme and boast against the God of Israel.
        • Baldwin declares: “So thorough-going is his egotism that he has no option but to be an atheist.” [2]

Daniel 7:25   He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,

Shall persecute the saints of the Most High,

And shall intend to change times and law.

Then the saints shall be given into his hand

For a time and times and half a time.

  • He will persecute all Jews and Tribulation Christians
    • Saints always denote believers, not nationals.
    • He will bring great woes upon Israel and all Tribulation Christians for 3 ½ years.
  • He will rewrite all History books and demand they be taught in all the schools of the world.
  • The AntiChrist will work in conjunction with another demonically possessed man like him – the False Prophet of the Tribulation

Revelation 13:11–15

11 Then I saw another beast(the false prophet) coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.

> A dragon in sheep’s clothing!

> Some will say – “Isn’t he kind and gentle – such a good Pastor/Prophet!”

> God will recognize his blasphemes and abominations

> He will deceive many, possibly even the “elect” of God

Matthew 24:24 For false christs and false prophetswill rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.


12 And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence,

and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13 He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

14 And he deceives those who dwell on the earth

by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast,

telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived.

15 He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast,

that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.


> MANY tribulation saints will be martyred for their unwavering faith in Jesus:

Revelation 6:9–11

9 When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.

10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”

11 Then a white robe was given to each of them;

and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer,

until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren,

who would be killed as they were, was completed.


37 He shall regard neither

the God of his fathers [3]

nor the desire of women,

nor regard any god;

for he shall exalt himself above them all. [4]

  • “not regard the God of his fathers”
    • Possible Jew?
      • No respect for his family’s faith
      • Some commentators have rendered “the God of his fathers,”and of course אֱלֹהֵיmay be singular or plural.
        Since the phrase “the God of your fathers” is used elsewhere in the OT to refer to Yahweh, they deduce that the similar expression indicates that Antichrist will be an apostate Jew (so Whitcomb, Daniel, 154).
        Young translates as “gods of his fathers” but still thinks the phrase indicates Antichrist’s Jewish descent (Daniel, 249). However, Antichrist will come from the fourth empire, Rome (Gentile), and therefore will not be Jewish. [5]
      • Final ruler of a revived Roman Empire?
        • Would possibly need to be a Gentile?
      • Possible Muslim?
        • Same reasons as above
      • “not regard the desire of women”
        • Asexual?
        • Homosexual?
        • Non-binary?
      • “not regard any god”
        • He will set aside all organized religion (nor will he regard any god) and will set himself up (exalt himself) as the sole object of worship. Instead of depending on gods, he will depend on his own power(received from Satan, 13:2) and by that power he will demand worship of himself.[6]
          • Because of his personal charisma, intelligence, evil character, and political power, Antichrist will arrogantly believe that he can function sufficiently well without God.The passage seems to indicate that Antichrist will be an atheist (cf. 2 Thess 2:4; Rev 13:6), although he evidently will use religion to gain his position of power (cf. Rev 17). [7]
        • All pagan gods and false gods are the construct of the demon’s influence on human beings.
        • The AntiChrist/Lucifer would NEVER bow to a lesser demonic, pagan god.
      • “shall exalt himself above them all”
        • Above his family’s faith
        • Above his family’s love
        • Above the globalist politic and economy


38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses;

anda god which his fathers did not know

he shall honor with gold and silver,

with precious stones and pleasant things.

39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god,

which he shall acknowledge,

andadvance its glory;

andhe shall cause them to rule over many,

anddivide the land for gain.

  • Keil remarks:“The ‘god of fortresses’is the personification of war, and the thought is this: he will regard no other god, but only war; the taking of fortresses he will make his god; and he will worship this god above all as the means of his gaining the world-power.” [8]


40 At the time of the endthe king of the South shall attack him;

andthe king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships;

andhe shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through.

41 He shall also enter the Glorious Land(Israel),

andmany countries shall be overthrown;

butthese shall escape from his hand:

Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon.

42 He shall stretch out his hand against the countries,

andthe land of Egypt shall not escape.

43 He shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver,

andover all the precious things of Egypt;

also the Libyans and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels.

  • Not everyone in the world will bow to the Global Leader – the AntiChrist
    • The kings of the north and the south will oppose him and bring their armies to Palestine.
    • In previous prophecies in Daniel, the king of the south has been Egypt and the king of the north has been Syria, but those designations may not apply to the nations in the end times.
    • Some students equate this invasion with the battle described in Ezekiel 38–39, and they see in it a northern confederacy headed by Russia and a southern confederacy headed by Egypt and its allies. [9] [10]


44 Butnews from the east and the north shall trouble him;

therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many.

45 Andhe shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain;

yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.

  • Throughout the last three and a half years of the Tribulation period, nations will submit to the rule of Antichrist, but there will be growing dissent and opposition, even though his work is energized by Satan.
    • The news report in verse 44 refers to the growing army from the east that will meet the forces of Antichrist on the Plain of Esdraelon to fight what is called “the battle of Armageddon” (Rev. 9:13–21; 16:12–16; Joel 3:1–2, 12–14; Zech. 14:1–3).


Zechariah 14:1–3

1 Behold, the day of the Lordis coming,

And your spoil will be divided in your midst.

2 For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem;

The city shall be taken,

The houses rifled,

And the women ravished.

Half of the city shall go into captivity,

But the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

3 Then the Lordwill go forth

And fight against those nations,

As He fights in the day of battle.


  • As the huge army from the east gets positioned to attack the forces of Antichrist in Israel, the sign of the returning Son of Man will appear in the heavens (Matt. 24:29–30), and the opposing armies will unite to fight Jesus Christ.

Matthew 24:29–30

29 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.


  • But the Lord will descend from heaven with His armies, defeat both armies, and take captive Satan, Antichrist, and the false prophet and cast them into the lake of fire (Rev. 19:11–21; see also Zech. 12:1–9; 14:1–3). [11]
  • “He [Antichrist] shall come to his end, and no one shall help him” (Dan. 11:45).


  • Daniel doesn’t reveal this truth, but the Prophet Zechariah promises that the nation of Israel will see their Messiah as He comes from heaven, recognize Him, repent of their sins, and trust Him, and the nation will be cleansed (Zech. 12:10–13:1). Jesus will stand on the Mount of Olives (14:4; Acts 1:11–12), “and the Lord shall be king over all the earth” (Zech. 14:9) and will establish His glorious kingdom for a thousand years (Rev. 20:1–7). [12]


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[3]Since verse 37 uses the phrase “the God of his fathers,” does this mean that this world ruler must be Jewish? Some hold that the answer is yes, arguing that the nation of Israel would not sign a pact with a Gentile, but no Scripture supports such a view. Over the centuries, the Jews have often negotiated with political leaders who were not Jewish. The phrase “God of our fathers” (or “Lord God of our fathers”) does indeed refer to the God of Israel (Deut. 26:7; 1 Chron. 12:17; 2 Chron. 20:6; Ezra 7:27; Acts 3:13, 5:30, 22:14), but that may not be the meaning in Daniel 11:37. The phrase can be translated “the god of his fathers” as is done by both the nivand the nasb. The Antichrist will be an atheist and reject all religions except the one he establishes when he declares himself “god.”  (Warren W. Wiersbe, Be Resolute, “Be” Commentary Series (Colorado Springs, CO: Victor, 2000), 140.)

[4]The rise of Antichrist (Dan. 11:36–39). This evil ruler doesn’t suddenly appear in his true character and assume leadership over the world. He begins his rise to power as a part of the ten-nation European coalition; he is the “little horn” that emerges from the ten horns (7:24ff). He begins as a man of peace who “solves” the Arab/Israeli problem and proves himself to be a master politician. Gradually his evil designs are revealed, and at the middle of the seven-year period, he will break that covenant, claim world control, and set himself up as god (9:27; 2 Thes. 2; Rev. 13). (Warren W. Wiersbe, Be Resolute, “Be” Commentary Series (Colorado Springs, CO: Victor, 2000), 140.)

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[9]Daniel’s use of words like chariots, horsemen, and ships doesn’t suggest that in the last days nations will revert to ancient methods of warfare. He used words that were meaningful to readers in his day, but we who read this text today will interpret them in modern terms. The same principle applies to the geographical names in the text, such as Moab, Edom, and Ammon. He is identifying the territories once occupied by those ancient peoples. One argument for making this the battle described in Ezekiel 38–39 is that it occurs at a time when Israel is at peace because of the protection of the man of sin (Ezek. 38:11). Note also that both invasions are like a storm or a whirlwind (Ezek. 38:9; Dan. 11:40). 

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